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Auto Wraps

Auto Wraps are fast becoming the top way to advertise your business. With more and more sign restrictions being put into place by cities, counties and states. There seems to be less options for advertising your business. Auto wraps are the best way to advertise locally since your vehicle in the normal course of driving over a years time will have the opportunity to expose your brand or message to over 50,000 potential customers.

Austin Texas has more cars on the road in one day than most towns see in an entire month. When you are running across town to see a customer, why not advertise to all of those people on the way? Let them know who you are and how to contact you.

Auto Wrap Designs are very important to the overall effectiveness of your advertisement. No two wrap shops are created equal when it comes to design and installation. Austin Wrap Co.’s employees have several years experience designing and installing auto wraps. It’s very important to design a clean (not to busy) wrap that prioritizes your copy and message properly. Our graphic designers are very thoughtful of the details of the application surface and take into consideration whether the surface is a flat or a complex curve.  An auto wrap applied to a car with many flat area will have more opportunities for displaying a bigger cleaner message. If you choose our shop you will meet with a professional designer and review all of your design ideas and come up with the solution.

Auto Wrap Installations are as important to a great wrap as the design. The install needs to precise with placement of the lettering and logos landing as close as possible to the intended placement of the wrap installer. Wrap installation takes many hundreds of hours as an apprentice to master. Most shops do not have great wrap installers so they outsource the installation to “independent” installers who price installation by the square ft. Austin Wrap Co. we have actual employees who perform the installation on site.

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