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Truck Wraps

Truck wraps are just like auto wraps with a few exceptions. Truck wraps are much bigger and they have different panels for advertising than cars. Box

Trucks have more flat areas which are much better than curved areas. Another huge difference that makes truck wraps very effective is the fact that truck are much taller than cars so when a car pulls up next to your truck their line of site is directly at your marketing.

Truck wraps are usually used by contractors and companies that maintain fleets from 1 to 100 trucks. The wraps can be partial or full coverage. Should you decide to go with the full coverage option we will custom design your wrap to cover all of the paint with the exception of the roof. The roof is an added option on a typical truck wrap. The full wraps typically cost more as more vinyl and labor are required to perform a full wrap. A partial truck wrap  is a popular alternative since they are cheaper and still get the maximum advertising value out of the trucks primary available surfaces.

Creative truck wrap designs by our in-house graphic designers will help your new wrap get loads of attention and read really well. The layout and design really makes all the difference between and ineffective wrap and an effective wrap.

Austin Wrap Co. is your secret weapon for creating effective wraps and acquiring new customers every day. Keep in mind while on the road your company truck is being exposed to thousands of people a day. If you are not taking advantage of the opportunity using a truck wrap you are missing out on an fantastic advertising opportunity.

Partial Truck Wrap

Partial Truck Wrap for Certa-Pro Painters

Truck Wraps - Austin TX

Solid orange wrap with with and black vinyl



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